As a professional Executive Assistant for over 15 years and having run my own business for several I have accumulated a lot of knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Productivity, Time Management, Administration Skills, Presentation Building, Copywriting, Marketing, Small Business, Motivation and Growth … just to name a few.

And, I just love to write so here are some of my wanderings. You can also check out the Small Seeds Blogs.

Virtual Assistant

Just Some Of The Reasons To Find One Today

I’m Wearing The Hat, Where’s The Party

Do What You Do Best, Delegate The Rest

6 Signs That You Really Need A VA

Bee Smart In Your Busy!


Cultivate Better Business Writing


Milking The First Minutes Of Your Day

It’s  Not Genetic, You Can Be A Problem Solver Too

Start Your Week On Sunday

Not A Fan Of Email? Have A Rethink!

Resilience, Because You Weren’t Built To Break

The Pareto Principle, Maximising Your Impact

6 Tips On The Brilliance Of Gantt Charts

Minuting Meetings – More Complicated Than It Sounds

PowerPoint Series

PPT1. Why You’re Losing The Power Of Your Points

PPT2 – Finding Your Purpose Coming Soon


Time For Some Rose Tinted Biz Inspiration

Don’t Play The Game, Change It

Reasons To Prioritise Your Website

Skills Are Cheap, Passion Is Priceless

Some Stats On The Importance of SME’s To The Economy

Streamlining Your Back Office Support

Social Media

Shining Your Light On Twitter

Finding Your Tribe On Social Media

Maximising Your Social Media Mojo

Pinterest, A Database Of Intentions

SlideShare, A Document Library Like No Other


Marketing … A Bit Like Riding

Show, Don’t Tell. The Power Of Visuals For Your Business

A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words, Find The Best

Getting People To Notice You. Simple And Impactful Adverts

Executive Assistant

One Of The Best Blogs I’ve Read On Working Together

It Isn’t About Positional Authority

It’s A Funny Thing About Life


Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one

And Those Who Were Seen Dancing

Do You Remember Who You Were

Make It A Happy Monday