Word of the Week – Pugnacious

I love the internet, such an amazing tool that we all take for granted! I like to be well informed and find it invaluable for my job – so this week my word is ‘Pugnacious’ and this is where google took me with it ….

How much has Sir Philip Green made from BHS?

Topical in the UK right now, your level of care is probably related to which side of centre your politics fall but with 11,000 people on the verge of being unemployed it is worth knowing more about.

“When Sir Philip Green snapped up BHS for £200m in 2000, the pugnacious businessman was seizing his chance to transform himself from an upstart tycoon into a giant of British retailing”

Tate – William Hogarth, The Painter and his Pug

I love the Tate, not so much with this particular picture. Is that really a Pug, and one called  Trump? There is no escape!

Pugnacious Pochettino Shows Who Is Boss At Spurs

Not a football fan? Me either! But no reading is a waste of time, lots about courageous leadership in this particular article!

“… sent a clear message to the players that no pecking order exists at the club that has anything to do with profile, pay or seniority. If your contribution falls short, you will be dropped, whoever you think you are.”

Bawling bishops, pugnacious prelates and crying crusaders

This kind of shows why I love randomly following where the internet leads at times, whilst interesting there is nothing particularly memorable about what is primarily a history scholars blog. However in reading this I was pointed in the direction of a very interesting blog I never would have happened upon otherwise.

“I’d also recommend the History of Emotions blog.”

Sadiq Khan: I will defeat Zac. The only question is how I do it

This fight is well underway and has already turned very, very negative – good to read an article that was published before the smearing started in earnest.

“Sadiq Khan has long been known as one of Labour’s most pugnacious politicians: someone who likes to fight, and likes to win”

Pugnacious Parasites and the Provocation

Whoa … get ready for some politics! A bit of a rant but a worthwhile read for the benefit of seeing another person’s world view expressed with passion and conviction whether you agree or not.

“Everyone knows the unscrupulously manipulative always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. It’s an age old trick to obfuscate the obvious and buy time to accomplish their purposes. Lying is their pathological language.

Such behavior, especially in high profile public figures, is unthinkable, yet for some inexplicable reason it is not just tolerated, but ironically readily expected.”

Why the pugnacious A-10 is flying maritime patrols over the South China Sea

Are you aware of the dangerous rising tensions over the South China Sea? An interesting article if not, and some cool information on a plane that has been in use since the 70’s!

“That is extremely important, international economics depends on it – free trade depends on our ability to move goods. There’s no nation right now whose economy does not depend on the well-being of the economy of other nations.”

As Donald Trump speaks, Some Voters Hear Echoes of Ed Koch

‘Refreshingly uninhibited’ is not really a phrase that I would use, but it is no surprise Trump comes up in a search of the word pugnacious. This is one of the important things going on in the world and we should all know more about it.

“But to New Yorkers old enough to remember, Mr. Trump is not merely familiar: He is a throwback to the era that delivered Mr. Koch, who led the crime-ravaged, financially beleaguered city through 12 turbulent years in the 1970s and ‘80s”

And, Finally …

Tiny dog goes after dolphin five times his size

Little wiener dogs often have big, bad attitudes. An irrational role model, for us all.