SlideShare – A Document Library Like No Other

SlideShare is a great resource and way to share content but most of the people that I mention it to have no idea what it is!

Rather contentiously I am a fan of PowerPoint, and I can hear the ‘Really??’ before it even pops into your head. Done properly PPT can be a hugely powerful tool, whether you are trying to get a group of people interested and invested in your business/ idea or simply want to put some professional and effective sales and marketing material without it costing you the earth. Done badly ‘Death by Bullet Point’ is painful to sit through, and I am speaking from personal experience.

I expect there will be plenty on PowerPoint and presentation tips in the weeks/ months to come but for now back to SlideShare.

A Research Tool

I search slideshare for topics I’m interested in or need to know about and the presentations I find are so helpful to me I do download them and study how someone else did what I want to do.

The list of featured topics is expansive: from sales to self improvement, small business to leadership and marketing to social media. There really isn’t much you can’t find out about, from the people who really know about it and without the SEO interference that searching for stuff on the internet brings.


If you are putting together a presentation do you do any prep or simply wade in? I always visit SlideShare first and have a random wander through the aisles picking up random books as it were.

The mind is a wonderful thing and comes up with associations and ideas in a way it is sometimes difficult to fathom … before long you will have come up with a unique idea on the overall form and structure or a funky way to present the information, and those are the two things that will really grab your audience.

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