Why Use a VA For Your Business?

Time is the biggest luxury. We’re chained to our phones and laptops, working longer hours and subjecting ourselves to more and more stress as we try to turn ideas into reality.

It’s all part of owning a company and when you see results it’s worth it, but when you find yourself wading through heaps of filing and book keeping and client contact records with very little progress, it’s frustrating.


It starts to feel like a nightmare where you’re trapped into a corner by a thick, impenetrable wall of administration. And it’s not surprising you feel that way. In a recent survey it was discovered that on average CEOs are spending 20 precious hours per week lost in the vortex of an overflowing inbox. That’s the equivalent of 16 full working weeks a year!

It’s wasted time, especially when administration has very little impact, if any, on the immediate growth of a company.

So perhaps the question should be …

“Why would you NOT use a Personal Virtual Assistant for your business?”


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