The Better The Question, The Better The Answer

Well the term ‘Audit’ is usually not something even remotely clickable (unless you are an accountant or the tax man, obviously) and certainly not associated with art and beauty but this article had to be opened when it flashed up on my LinkedIn timeline.

 The better the question

The better the answer

The better the world works

Indeed!!!!! So what is the question for small businesses?

How do I get people to notice me, to keep noticing me?

And here is where we can take another lesson from EY! The reason I opened the article? And before you ask, no I am an accountant or the tax man. It grabbed my attention, it grabbed my imagination and then it grabbed my curiosity. All because of a really great image and some well thought out and minimal copy.

Now I am slightly evangelical about small business using a bit of imagination and a LOT of personality in their marketing. After all, how else do you grab people’s attention and set yourself apart?

But I have to admit that I am often surprised with the objections:

“No one else does it like that!”

“But white is the ‘in’ thing?”

“Won’t a picture just distract them from the writing, masses of writing?”

“But the printing will cost far too much!”

Well … blah, blah, blah as my husband likes to say when I am ‘going on’ a little bit, which I absolutely never do I might add!

The best ads GRAB your attention

The best ads EXPLORE beyond the obvious

So here are some of my very favourite advertisements, powerful yet really quite minimal …

Orion TelescopesOrion.png



Chupa Chups – SUGAR FREE


King Khalib Foundation: Some Things Can’t Be Covered

King Khalib.png

  Hut Weber: It’s The Hat


Nivea, Because Life Makes Wrinkles


Plant For The Planet


Durex Extra Large


Apologies for the last one, I couldn’t resist. If it helps it took me a minute too!

I have purposely put some in here that you won’t know. When you are small and/ or relatively unknown it is even more important (and absolutely no less impactful) to be individual and STAND OUT!

Be BRIGHT, be BOLD and remember that as far as words are concerned LESS IS MORE. Pique their curiosity enough to ensure that they visit your website to see what you are all about!

Give away the farm in the ad and there is no reason for them to make that extra effort.

And now, having been inspired by some truly GREAT advertising from the professionals here is my amateur but heartfelt inspired effort for OurOtherOffice – getting your message across with pictures totally rocks 🙂