Word of the Week – Fiddle-Faddle

It is time for my word of the week internet wander again.

My 8 year old daughter was tasked with finding the word today using the well loved OED I was given on my first day of secondary school … she found me a really GREAT word!

Leroy Anderson – Fiddle Faddle

Let’s start this week off with a rather fabulous piece of music, I wasn’t expecting that!

I have long had a fascination with watching conductors (and a wee bit of a crush on the brilliant John Wilson) and this chap, Alim Shakh, is wonderful to watch

Hate tax havens? Try imagining a world without them

Tax evasion is actually for the ‘greater good’ because it keeps the costs of taxes down? Seems like a fairly self serving argument tailored for those rich enough to participate doesn’t it?

“However wicked tax evasion is and however distasteful some tax avoidance may be, people should imagine a world without tax havens and see if they really want it.”

I’m really not sure I agree with a single thing in this article, but part of this whole exercise is about expansion beyond usual boundaries and bias. The proper consideration of an argument should never be dependant upon you agreeing with it.

Never mind the Trollope, Doctor Thorne gets the Fellowes treatment

This is a world of politesse, “fiddle faddle”, “tomfoolery” and “taking amiss”, where passionate intent must be read into phrases as innocuous as “Good day to you, Madam!” and “Come this minute and make up a hand of whist!” Leanly plotted and crowd-pleasing, it ticks all the Sunday night boxes.

Sounds like just my cup of tea, even without marvellous Maggie!

Melt In Your Mouth Goodness

Popcorn and peanuts is not a combo I have ever tried, sounds delicious. Canada might be a tad too far to go so I might try this recipe for the family movie night tonight.

He did not dilly-dally or fiddle-faddle, or rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic

Cricket – just the word immediately brings back childhood memories of whites, grass stains,  bored Sunday afternoons spent with my parents colleagues and buffets overloaded with chicken drumsticks.

Interested in good governance? You can find insights in such a variety of places.

The solution is simple, wonderfully simple. Whether it is achieved is another matter, and probably boils down to whether England’s supporters care enough to make it happen.

Fiddle-Faddle’s Sentimental Tour

Free book anyone? In search of the amusing, picturesque, and agreeable certainly seems like a pleasant way to pass the time.

And just because, even 20 years beyond graduation, there is not much that I like more than a little bit of profundity in the original Latin.

Seria cum possim, quod delectantia malim Scribere, tu causa es lector.


So many good words here 🙂

It is all fiddle-faddle. Rubbishy nonsense; talk not worth attention. A ricochet word, of which we have a vast number, as “flim-flam,” “helter-skelter,” “wishy-washy,” etc. To fiddle is to waste time in playing on the fiddle, and hence fiddle means a trifle, and fiddle-faddle is silly trifle or silly nonsense.