Need Fabulous Artwork?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and in the case of business websites and social media it is very true.

This will be a quick blog and is really just a quick tip pointing you in the direction of one of my very favourite websites.

Over the years I have spent so much time trawling Google for artwork for presentations and the like that I am putting together, then spending more time trying to find out the copyright status/ finding versions that are big enough and of good enough quality. Who has time for such things?

And then I found Pixabay, what a revelation! The website is slick and wonderfully intuitive, the photos are plentiful, of great quality, free and largely copyright/ attribution free.

I’ve spent time exploring sources of artwork on the internet and have yet to find a competitor that comes even remotely close to beating it.

Searching is made easy with the tags but if you are wanting some inspiration I recommend having a wander through the unsorted and regularly updated photo stream on the home page, it is one of my favourite relaxing time wasters and often the source of lightbulb moments of inspiration.

So herewith some of my favourites, and apologies if you are familiar with my powerpoints, marketing material, social media, website or client work because you will definitely have seen some of these before.