Make It A Happy Monday

Do you get the Monday morning blues? Many People do! Would it surprise you that they are a myth … herd mentality? Check out this research if you don’t believe me.

Now I have often been called a little contrary and perhaps I am about to prove it, but I love them! And you can too, it is all a matter of perception.

Here are just a few of my thoughts, perhaps they will help …


Feel like you need some inspiration and perhaps a few giggles? You really should visit Twitter and explore #Monday, it will have you motivated and smiling in no time. If you want to start your motivation high early visit #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, lots of people post all manner of positivity and if you post something she will repost it. Great vibes and brilliant exposure to a huge (and similarly chasing the positive vibe) audience.

Wipe That Slate Clean At Work

Do you feel you didn’t perform quite to your potential at work last week, do you want to make some real headway with a project, impress the boss, build a bridge with a colleague? What better day to let go of last week and start afresh?

Set Some Personal Goals

Do you want to spend time on your relationship, find more time to play with your children, read more, catch up on West Wing, tackle the growing dandelion issue in your garden or write that blog … pick any one with the intention of focussing on that one thing for a week. Small steps are the route to changing your life for the long term, and Monday is the day to start!

Work On Yourself

Not much different from the personal goals but with a more inward looking focus – pick something you wish you were better at. Any attribute will do … patience, ambition, speaking out, confidence, more focus? It doesn’t matter what it is, pick something and make it your focus for the week and eventually it will become second nature.

Turbo Boost Your Productivity

New research by Red Letter Days for Business shows that first thing Monday morning is the most productive time of the working week for most people. It might surprise you to know it is Thursday that most people say they are least productive. So embrace today, get your head down and start ploughing through that to do list.

Feeling Bad About Neglecting The Gym?

It would probably not surprise you to know that people report that starting the week off with exercise, healthy eating, good stress management, and a positive attitude keeps them on track throughout the week. Want to kick start those best intentions? ‘The Science of Mondays‘ suggests today is the day!

There Are Seven Days In A Week

Someday Isn’t One Of Them

Start today

Make It Count 🙂