Pinterest – A Database Of Intentions

My contention is that Pinterest is one of the four ways that people find things on the Internet. The default, of course, is Googling (or—fine, Microsoft—Binging). For real-time searches, there is Twitter. For people or entities, there’s Facebook. But if what you want to find are things, objects, then Pinterest is the way to go.

I don’t expect it will come as a surprise to anyone that I know or who has read any of my previous blogs that I am a big fan of the visual.

One of my favourite sources of creative inspiration is Pinterest. Many people call it a time vacuum, and perhaps it is, but a very pleasant and relaxing one.

For someone who is always looking for some creative inspiration I know no better way to while away half an hour of productive time priming my creative muscles at the same time as taking a much needed break from the realities and business of life.

So, my page is focussed around my interests. A snapshot …

  • A board for Quotes (well I am a bit of a motivation Junkie)
  • Aboard for truly great pictures (and I do mean on the REALLY great ones that grab you and forcibly pull you in)
  • A board for all things black and white (classic beauty)
  • A board for textures (this is a very wide ranging one, nothing to broaden the mind more to the beauties of our world and great fodder for powerpoint presentation backgrounds)

And then, of course, the Purpology board. All things purple, and if you have looked at my website you might have realised it is my very favourite colour!


And you can find the most amazing amount of content, whatever your interests and likes.

Marketing, Cooking, Small Business, Fashion, Infographics, Blogging, Gardening, Allotments, Frogs, Insects, Photography, Stamps, Reading, Celebrities, Gossip, Hairstyles, Skincare, Nail Art, Shopping, Music, Musicians …. the list goes on and on and ON!

To my mind it is a wonderful digital scrapbook, a collection of everything you love and a quirky long term record of your personality and growth.

And lots of people all over the world agree


I love that it is a very slick and beautiful looking site, and with the ability to pin my favourite images to each of my boards my own page is a feast of my favourites


So whatever your interest is, there is something on Pinterest that would appeal you.

And if you want to swing by my page, I would be delighted to see you 🙂



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