Do What You Do Best, Delegate The Rest

Behind every great CEO, director or leader is a great personal assistant. Though often working in the shadows, personal assistants are at the heart of most successful companies, making sure that everything runs smoothly, appointments are kept and decisions are made.

Whilst PAs or secretaries traditionally held passive role in companies in the era of the typing pool, advanced the fast paced and changing nature of the business world now means that senior executives need more intelligent, dynamic and evolving help with similar skills to the ones that shapes them and their day to day roles. A trusted and invaluable business partner if you will.

That’s why, at Our Other Office, I like to get to know clients so that I can tailor our support to your specific needs as well as anticipate how they will changes in the weeks, months and years to come.

I like to think of myself as your highly trained and broadly skilled business/ life manager who can take care of your  task list and make sure everything gets done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

From complicated diary/ email management, planning and booking travel itineraries, researching restaurants, devising streamlined office and filing systems, bookkeeping, designing presentations, researching and posting your social media content, business development and researching potential new clients, writing your blogs – the list goes on, and on, and on ….

Just think of all of those time consuming task you could be crossing of the list!

The more you communicate and trust your VA, the more responsibility you’ll find you can delegate, saving yourself time and stress.

This is not a hobby for me – I am a very experienced Executive Assistant who has a graduate level education, has worked for the CEO’s and CFO’s of listed companies, has senior experience that ensures I learnt all I know about business strategy from the best, has experience as a ‘jack of all trades’ office manager for very small businesses and has a very real passion for all things ‘entrepreneurial’.

I can help you and your teams maximise your potential, offering advice where needed and most importantly, making a real impact on relieving your pain points so you can focus your energies where it REALLY COUNTS.

The role can be as wide and varied as you like.

What’s more I am only there when you need, working as and when needed to meet your specific needs.

This saves you a fortune – not only is my employed cost in excess of £30k pa plus benefits but you also save on office space, IT equipment and support, payroll support, scheduled breaks etc, etc, etc.

Some people think that perhaps the cost is more than a temp – well as someone who has hired and supervised temps I can assure you that the quality of the person who is sent to you can be of ‘variable’ quality. And then there are the agency fees to consider!


I work quickly, I work accurately with an unflinching eye for detail, I build strong and functional working relationships with both staff and clients, I am always professional, if I don’t know something I will simply find it out, I NEVER flap and I always go the extra mile. And to top it all off, I have outstanding references!

Too good to be true?

There is only one way to find out!


I offer all of my  clients a free trial period so that you can experience make that judgement yourself, and thereafter have an guarantee of quality in place – such is my confidence in the service and output of Our Other Office.

Where do you sign up?

It just takes one quick email and we can take if from there to ensure you are doing what you do best and delegating the rest


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