Do You Remember Who You Were …

Can you remember who you were
Before the world told you who you should be?

Can you recall those childhood days of wonder,
that captured and enraptured.

All of those feelings you had,
before you thought you knew it all?

Do you remember,
how everything seemed so possible?

How your wildest hopes and dreams
were all within your grasp?

Prima Ballerina, Astronaut!
Musician, Author, Artist, Explorer!

But now … you create the weight of the world
with all of that which you burden yourself

It’s you who attaches an anchor to your dreams,
when you strive to please and appease others.

When you should be giving
flight to your very own dreams.

Know this, 
who you once were still remains.

Welcome childlike wonder into your life once again,
awaken and renew yourself.

Revitalize and refresh your approach.
see the world anew!

Inflate your hopes like balloons,
release them towards the limitless sky.

Find the spark inside that once started it all,
its ember still glows.

Fan the flames to your dreams,
let go of all that holds you back 🙂



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