Small Seeds #4 – Read, and Dream BIG!

This is a very quick one!

I just got my daily email from Bookbub and downloaded one of many, many free books that I have found through them and it occurred to me … the word should be spread 🙂

I LOVE reading – it expands my knowledge, it soothes my soul after a bad day, it sends me to sleep when my brain refuses to STOP and it allows me to escape to different worlds as if crawling through an abandoned wardrobe full of fusty old fur coats in an aging uncles forgotten attic.


If you have a similar thirst for reading I would highly recommend this site … not only do their daily email put books in front of you that you might never have otherwise discovered, many are at a VASTLY reduced cost and at least some of them every day are completely free.

Give it a go, where’s the harm … Click Here




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