Start Your Week On Sunday

Picture the scenario…

It’s Monday morning. The alarm clock has woken you from a really lovely dream. You can barely even contemplate dragging yourself out of bed, let alone actually doing it. You reluctantly get ready for work, barely making it out the door on time.

You battle through the commute and sit down at your desk with a big sigh. Your desk is a mess, your email inbox is full, the weekend is rapidly fading into a dim memory and it is only 8.05am – it’s going to be a long day!

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Mondays can, and should, ROCK … it is all a matter of perspective.

If you take advantage of your Sundays to prepare for the week Mondays can be a lot easier and, dare I say it, FUN!

And perhaps you are thinking this sounds like a cracking way to ruin a perfectly good Sunday?

Believe the woman blogging on said day of rest when I say – for me there is no more indulgent and relaxing moment of my week than spending a few pyjama clad hours in my favourite wingback chair with my laptop, several movies cued up and unending cups of tea.

Here are just some of the things you can do on Sunday for a more productive week.

Spring Clean Your Email Inbox

da1cb700a09e6d32fe2cdd733e4a1b25.jpgProperly! Go through all of the emails in the inbox and be ruthless. Is this the 10th time you have deleted that subscription email without reading it – unsubscribe or set up a rule so it goes straight into it’s own folder. Don’t just delete junk – block it so you are not endlessly weeding it out. That insurance renewal notice email that has been lingering at the bottom of your inbox for months – set up a folder and file it.

If you are like me and send yourself endless email reminders, links to articles you want to read and ideas for blogs etc spend an hour a week compiling them all into collated lists, or you could use an app like the brilliant Trello – ohhh now there is another idea for a blog 🙂

Write a To-Do List For the Week

0dd31567849e2446562fba73d6c9aa4bWhen it comes to having a more productive week, this is my absolute favourite way to speed things along.

I know there is some debate about the usefulness of lists, and to be sure you could argue that it is a distraction activity – a bit like the sudden urge to clean your bedroom when there is revision to be done!

But I find it a useful tool to get my head and priorities aligned.

Having these tasks laid out before the week starts will allow you to jump right into them on Monday morning. And if your job is anything like mine it will probably not stay relevant for too long but this is more about jumping in to Monday with enthusiasm and hitting the ground running.

Clean Your Desk

088c9643eeac3c506bcdb9d1a0da1382.jpgI don’t mean clear desk spartan – you spend a lot of time at your desk and need to be comfortable there. Make is somewhere you like to go, it should be a reflection of you and that will mean something different to everyone..

If you work from home, sort your desk and surrounding area on Sunday so you start the week with a clean slate. Put anything you’ll need for Monday’s projects front and centre.

If you work in an office (and I do both) you should be thinking about this on a Friday – keep a can of pledge in your desk and give it a once over before you leave for the week. It is worth the 5 minute effort, honestly!

No clutter, recycle all that old paperwork from last week, do your filing, bin the irritating pens that haven’t worked for weeks and dust the screen/ top of your monitor. It is the small things that really don’t take a minute that make the difference.

Schedule Social Media For the Week

bufferIf you run a small business or are a fellow blogger you will understand the importance of being consistent on social media.

I like to do almost all of my social media posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on Sunday so I don’t have to think about it during the week. It only takes 15-20 minutes, and it saves me time and split focus every day for the rest of the week.

Then you just need to think about the fun conversational and relationship building stuff that is done on a more ad hoc basis, and can be fitted in around your day to day schedule!

Personally my favourite resource for this is Buffer – it takes all of the pressure and hassle away from managing your social media presence.

Clean the house

wineThis might be a step too far for some, and is more about how you feel at the end of your Monday.

There is nothing like coming home after a long and busy Monday to flop onto the sofa with a glass of wine and absolutely nothing pressing to do – bliss!

What works for you?

Obviously everyone will have their own favourite method of setting Monday, and the rest of the week, up to be the best you can make them.

These are just some of the ways I like to spend a lovely, chilled out and productive Sunday.

It really shouldn’t be a day spent dreading Monday!

Have a think about the things you could do – most importantly they should be enjoyable and things you can do with the people that matter most to you around. I’m currently working but doing it whilst in the room with my husband and son watching a movie – perfect Sunday 🙂

It is all about putting the thought into what works best for you!




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