Word of the Week – Wherewithal

I realised I have so busy with the other blogs I have rather neglected my ‘Word of the Week’, so I thought I would go with a really good one this week to make up for it!

The OED definition is ‘The money or other means needed for a particular purpose’. I am less interested in the money part – it seems that for many this is a resource becoming ever less important, with the ‘other means’ being the real road to where you want to be and the makings of the great stories that inspire others.

It seems like a particularly apt word for someone interested in small business productivity and motivation – it seems to so nicely embody so much of the spirit and passion.

So here is where this particularly lovely sounding word led me on my internet wander this evening …

You Say You Want a Revolution

If you want to look for wherewithal anywhere at the moment you don’t have to look any further than the underdog in the US Presidential election race.

Bernie has captured the hearts and minds of people in numbers that were never expected. Rather like Jeremy Corbyn here, perhaps it is time for those with a more traditional stronghold on political power to stop mocking and start trying to understand why the words and persona’s of these two men have such appeal to so many!

There is indeed a strategic path to the kind of win that animates millions of progressives, a win not just to preserve the gains they have made for equal rights and justice, but real change for economic equality and opportunity, for the climate, for the positive role of government, for unions. That’s what a political revolution would yield.


In music and in life, Gord Downie has The Wherewithal

I have to admit to having never heard of Gord, but I am glad I have now. And a great tune too!

“The Wherewithal” is a song by The Tragically Hip. My personal connection to it is the Gord Downie lyric, “I always loved that guy and he’s not on TV anymore. To get out before, he had the wherewithal.”

It was always a self-styled anthem of mine. I adopted those words, and invented a streak of defiance. A puny hope that I’d somehow never be slave to the trappings of my profession. Never “Cornered” by anyone.

The Delivery Man Always Rings Twice, If You’re Lucky

It seems to be quite rare lately to be able to read a newspaper without being depressed by a seemingly never ending stream of violence, hate speak and lies shouted from the offices of those we should be able to trust the most … this article however was a pleasure to read, there should definitely be more of the lighthearted!

But real shopping has one enormous advantage. It is temporary respite from a brand-new nightmare that, if it were a reality show, would be called “Home Delivery Hell”.Either you are waiting for the precision timing favoured by some couriers (“your item will be with you between 11.12 and 11.16”) or cut loose by the laissez faire attitude of others (“Tuesday”).

Modern Art Ludite? Perhaps!

I am sure she is absolutely brilliant but £1,400? Here is some more of her work though just in case you absolutely love it 😉


Wherewithal Press, inc

Now here is an interesting find, for book lovers and any aspiring writers! The blog page has got some interesting looking reads on …. definitely one for the favourites bar.

Wherewithal Press, Inc. is a developmental editing shop and communications firm based in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Founded by writer and editor Megan Hustad in 2005, we help individuals and organizations present themselves more memorably, precisely, and productively.

Perhaps they will think about my book when it is a bit further along, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Manhattan 🙂 Something to aim for and dream about at the very least!

The rules of tennis simply do not apply

Ahhhh, now here is an article to warm the cockles of any fellow tennis loving Djokovic fans. As a Brit I do of course support our own Andy, but my heart lies with Novac 😉

Djokovic is already one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, and he is bang in the middle of his prime, with no rivals and the wherewithal to complete one of the most difficult feats in tennis with ease


Score Assured

There is something so very, very wrong about this! So many reasons we should all be a lot more careful about what we do online.

You might wonder if Score Assured feels slightly tawdry delving into your personals. Might it not feel like being a burglar going through someone’s underwear drawer? Might it also be against Facebook’s terms of service?

It takes a village to make me look dope

And one should always end on a positive note – this could be a giggle!

Mocking the moronic mores of bratty boy bands is shooting fish in a barrel. The Lonely Island has the wherewithal to bring other means of destruction into the mix.



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