Word of the Week – Hustle

So, I had a minor moment of panic last night – the realisation that the end of my current contract is not too far away.

Arggh! Probably in no small part due to the horrible last few days of campaigning and DISASTROUS result of Brexit 😦


Fortunately life has thrown me many opportunities to develop my skills here – I am not one to panic for any longer than it takes me to think through the following sequence of questions:

‘Am I great at what I do?’

‘What happens when a window closes?’

‘Do things always work out?’

‘How much do I love to HUSTLE?’

Double whammy – thirty second panic worked through and a word of the week to boot 🙂

The Hustle Daily

I’m not at all sure that ‘In the newspaper business, journalists put in time and effort to create meaningful content to keep the public informed’ is how I would sum up situation of late – ‘Otherwise, all we’ll end up with are inflammatory headlines and ignorant opinions.’ rather seems like the situation we are in now 🙂 Interesting read though and definitely a web find for the Favs!

Yesterday, the Pew Research Centre released their annual “State of the News Media” report. You can probably guess the major trends– newspapers are dying, millennials read stuff on their phones, and well-established companies are trying to stay hip by, you know, coming out with chatbots and changing their name to “tronc”.

Ford’s 2016 Mustang GT ‘Hustle’ is irresistible

So I am sat here with my husband and son watching ‘Transformers Age of Extinction’ and this came up on my search … apparently I am a horrible luddite for thinking BumbleBee might be a Mustang! Not usually a fan of muscle cars bit I think I will make an exception for this one. Very Cool!


‘Hustle’ Mortgage Fraud Case Falls Into Crevice of the Law

For the average person it is difficult to see how you could FAIL to find fraud in practices that led to so much pain for so many, and so very rarely the right ones! To learn from mistakes they first have to be admitted, and this really doesn’t give much faith that there is a reason to change anything.

When the story of the lack of prosecutions from the financial crisis is finally written, the most important issue will be how difficult it turned out to be to prove fraud. The courts have held the government to a high standard, refusing to uphold cases in which the conduct came close to the line but never quite crossed over into a violation.

Murray’s Hustle

Last week Djokovic, this week MURRAY 🙂 What a shot. It gives a girl hope for Wimbledon – not long now!


Movie Night Anyone?

I know it annoys many people but I find Climate Change deniers hilarious, I just find it so difficult to understand the way a brain has to function to completely ignore significant and irrefutable FACTS to come to its own contrary, false and barely sane conclusions.

Climate change is the new evolution and holocaust denial, and certainly speaks more to the mind of the ‘believer’ than it does to the theory they are trying to tear down. And, if you see that Sarah Palin or Donald Trump are supporting something, well …. !

There are many contradictions in life – just because your faith/ biases tell you that you would like something not to be true, doesn’t make it so people 😉

On Monday night I took in a new film called Climate Hustle. The title is meant to reflect its central premise: climate change is a scientific con. But I soon realized that it was also a decent synonym for the film’s Gish Gallop style. Climate hustle (n): a fast-paced, uninterrupted delivery of superficial and false claims about climate science.

Britains 20 most desirable places to live

“Young professionals tend to have a professional or university qualification, are in well paid jobs and enjoy an urban lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of living in the city centre.

This list was destined to make me mad before the cursor ever got anywhere near the link … it isn’t a list of the most desirable places in the UK to live, it is a list of the most EXPENSIVE places to live.

Reading? Really? Many people don’t believe it but there is life outside of London and the M4 corridor. And Clifton? I grew up in Clifton, if I went a week without seeing a flasher pop out from some leafy beauty spot on my daily walk to school I counted myself as fortunate.


You will hear a lot of people lamenting the fact that they feel stuck in neutral! Many have great aspirations, but that’s all they have. Aspirations. Many don’t have any results to show for all their ambitious goals in life. Some are on year seven of a four-year degree, and others are stuck in a job that’s going nowhere.

Maybe you know someone like this. Hell, maybe you feel like this.

Unfulfilled goals, of course, can lead to frustration, depression and a general dampening of your spirit, which only makes it harder to get unstuck.

I’ve been there, it’s rubbish but it doesn’t have to define your story … it wasn’t where this word of the week was meant to lead but I am just off to write a blog on getting out of a rut!





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