Don’t Play The Game, Change It

I have recently started following Ernst & Young on LinkedIn.

Don’t reach for the ‘Back’ button … I haven’t lost my mind, honestly! This is definately leading somewhere positive and motivational I promise.

Anyway, the reason I followed them initially was because of a great article that flashed up on my LinkedIn timeline that forcibly grabbed my attention (despite the word Audit being in the title) and inspired a blog about the power of the imaginative visual for business – The Better The Question, The Better The Answer.

Now, many moons ago when I went to University there was an intention that I was going to be an accountant (please feel free to insert any of the well worn jokes about accountants and personality deficits here) but my path changed and there really is no particular reason for me to be following one of the Big4.

Except that …. EY have recently started writing some really great content and, having a fascination for Inbound Marketing, they are worthy of some attention.

I am struggling with which direction to take this blog given it is two of my very favourite subjects – being yourself and the individuality of GREAT inbound marketing – so please do excuse me if I wander.

Playing Your Own Game

One of my problems (and that of many a small business owner) is that  I worry too much.

Not at work, not with clients – those are situations where I generally have a clear vision and sound instinct about what I should be doing/ advising for the best.

But, for OurOtherOffice? I am a self confessed and pathological overthinker!

  • Is that the right text to put on the website?
  • Should I be trying to emulate all the other VA blogs out there and talking about filing systems/ call managing software?
  • Should I focus on being a little more corporate/ sterile and not reveal any of my personality?
  • Am I charging too much?
  • Am I charging too little?



It is never too long, fortunately, before I give myself a mental slap and remind myself of exactly what this E&Y article is saying – too many people are too prone to making themselves terribly busy trying to play someone else’s game and not concentrating enough on devising their own.


Yes my website, marketing material and blog are quite individual, very visual and not at all sterile – but so am I. I love to be creative and, whether it be creating visually or writing random blogs about Ernst and Young, my ability to use my free roaming imagination to create associations is the foundation of many of my skills from marketing material to a flair for quickly and creatively solving problems on the fly.


Yes my blog content isn’t perhaps standard VA fare. Whilst I absolutely can devise wonderfully efficient filing systems, create slick and professional PowerPoints,  build branded web sites, write great copy and love my job with a passion I am the first to admit that 100% of that kind of content REALLY doesn’t make for a terribly interesting blog.


Yes I do quite frequently venture into the realm of revealing my bouncy and enthusiastic personality – but I think it is important to make a genuine personal connection in all areas of my work and business. As this article says, ‘Be Helpful’! It is a surprisingly difficult thing to do if you don’t care or have a very real enthusiasm for what you do. The extra mile is definitely not overflowing with a lack of care and personal touches!

And in a roundabout way we got to the second point of this little blog.

Be Youer than You

Ernst & Young are being imaginative with their business inbound marketing and they have a new fan writing a blog about them because of it! Grab peoples attention and imagination – people really do buy people!

If you have a mo, check out the article:

Beyond measure: The Big Impact Of Small Changes, Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur, CEO and Writer

Be Yourself And Be Proud 

The Clients Who Matter Will Love It!


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