My Top Tips For PowerPoint Perfection

I think of Microsoft PowerPoint as a test of my basic marketing skills.

To create a presentation that doesn’t annoy and put off the people looking at it I need to demonstrate design skills, technical literacy, an immaculate attention to detail and a sense of personal style.

If the presentation has a problem …

An Unintended Font

A Broken Link

Unreadable Text


A Horrible Quality Picture

… then I’ve probably failed the test.

Even if my delivery of the presentation is well rehearsed and seamless, a bad visual experience can, and more than likely will, ruin it for the audience.

Expertise rings hollow if you don’t take the time to create a  well thought out and professionally constructed presentation to back it up.

I liken it to presenting a CV with typos, bad grammar and sloppy formatting – is that something you would do???

A little caveat before you click on the link below, I had quite a lot of creative fun with this presentation and it is not the kind of thing I would recommend for a corporate offering  😉

My Top Tips To Building A Presentation That Is Practically Perfect In Every Way