Small Seeds #1 – Take Control

I love it when you have a flash of inspiration don’t you?

I find blogging such a relaxing and satisfying activity but all of my blogs up to now have tended to be quite long. Time for something shorter and punchier, the Small Seeds Series!

Sometimes life can be a roller coaster and seem unsettlingly out of control, if you are like me that could be a feeling you have most of the time 🙂

But think about this …. how can you start to make a difference tomorrow, how can you take back a little bit of control?

My favourite one is to think of someone I want to be more like and pick one trait I can work on for the week to come. I won’t bore you with who she is but she is serene, bright, classy and always seems so very in control.

I think this is probably Dr Seuss’s fault, if I want to pick myself up from the doldrums I always think of ‘Today I am going to act as if this is the day I am going to be remembered’. A rather fabulous and effective fake it till you make it kind of a vibe!

It doesn’t have to be that for you – is there a problem at work that has been bothering you? Can’t see a way out? Pick one little thing you can do next week that would get you closer to your goal. Relationship problem? Do the same. Pick one thing, however small and start to move forward. Problem with your business – boil it right down to the very simple and pick something to work on.

No one else if going to do it for you, and in a week/ a month/ a year/ a decade you will wish that you had started TODAY.

Your mission for this week should you wish to accept it …

Decide What Would Make You Happier


Move You Closer To The Life You Want





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