Small Seeds #3 – Distraction Lists

So, everyone likes a productivity hack don’t they? 

This is one of my absolute favourites! 

I like to think of myself as a bit of a creative …I love to write, playing with PowerPoint is just about my favourite activity to pass any amount of hours and I am a visual learner. 

All great things for my work and life in general. But, there is a but! 

It means my mind tends to wander and be easily distracted on those wanderings. 

In many ways this serves me well and is something that I love. After all it is only by having a wandering and imaginative mind that you build up a colourful and broad knowledge that feeds creative endeavours.

However sometimes it can be a problem when I have a deadline or really need to focus on one thing. Then, being distracted is just a colossal pain. 

Because, I know that – however brilliant that idea might be for a presentation or that topic would be great for a blog or that article really would be a brilliant tweet for my followers – if I move away from that thought I am likely to not come back to it after I have finished whatever I am trying to focus on at the moment. 

Enter the Distraction List! 

Write it down, add it to your list of things to come back to so you remember your brainwaves. 

The practicalities are up to your personal taste but my advice would be to pick one method and stick to it. Scrappy pieces of paper or reminders in the middle of the days notes just get lost. 

I’ve found that the best way is to have a dedicated place to put these thoughts, somewhere you can easily get some inspiration when needed! 

I’ve tried Trello, Wunderlist, One Note, emailing myself … The possibilities are endless! Just ensure you find the method that most suits the way you like to work so it isn’t a drag. 

Personally I find a pencil, yes a real one made of wood not plastic, and my favourite A5 softcover Moleskine are the best thing for me ūüôā It comes with me everywhere and I don’t know what I would do without it now. 

Looking for a high impact low effort productivity boost? Give it a try, I highly recommend it! 

Marketing … A Bit Like Riding

There’s Always Something More To Learn


You Simply Have To 


Putting In The Effort

If You Want To Keep Moving Forward! 

Or, I suppose you could argue, actually a bit like most things in life!

Playing the piano, learning a new language, becoming a crack pool/ football/ backgammon player,¬†keeping the garden weed free, owning pets, keeping the car from breaking down, bringing up children,¬†any¬†long term relationship whether¬†it be personal or professional¬†… all require consistent input and effort.

As anyone who runs their own business knows, consistency is the key to ongoing success with everything you do Рthe sum of small daily efforts.

There is just one small problem.

When your efforts start to reap rewards and you are busy prioritising your new clients it is difficult to find the time to keep putting in the daily effort¬†… this is when¬†you risk the dreaded yo-yo effect!

Marketing (whether it be your many social media platforms, blogging, email campaigns, keeping in touch with old and current customers, networking, etc, etc, etc) takes a lot of time when done properly.

And properly really is the only way to do Small Business Marketing if you want consistent results.

A great Virtual Assistant could be just the answer for your business, keeping your marketing efforts consistent and giving you the time to really focus on the new clients it brings you.

Because if there is something you should never forget, it is to remember the passion and excitement that led you to start your own business. Marketing is just the process of telling your story and getting your message out there. It should be something you enjoy!

‚ÄúMarketing is really just about sharing your passion.‚ÄĚ

Michael Hyatt


2017 РA Year For Taking A Breath 

It’s the time for year when everyone’s thoughts turn to resolutions, and generally mine too. 

I have a restless spirit – my brain is always roaming for the next thing to do, the next skill to learn, the next horizon to conquer. 

In many ways this has served me well but it can also be exhausting when you feel constantly restless. 

But something odd happened to me this week … 

I was roaming Pinterest as I have a tendency to do when looking for inspiration (if you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend it) and bolstering the content of my rather fabulous ‘Word Porn‘ board and I suddenly had a brain wave! Yes. They do happen on occasion ūüėČ

Why not just pick a word as my focus for the year? 

Everyone is always so focussed on change – next year I have to be better, I have to be different, my life has to be bigger and more impressive!

And I think that can sometimes be great, but often times quite self defeating. I mean, it just kind of assumes that everything you did in the last 12 months and everything you were for the last 365 days was not quite good enough. 

I worked blooming hard this year – I learned a huge amount professionally and, I think, grew a lot in my job and as a person. And whilst that is all brilliant I think it cost me a lot in terms of reserves too. 

The upshot is that I don’t want to spend all of 2017 thinking about where I should be, what I should have or what I should be doing. 

Been there, done that! 

I want to focus on enjoying where I am, counting my many blessings in all that I have and consolidating what I am actually doing now. 

So no resolutions for me, just a single word – Meraki 
It’s a Greek word, which is probably just perfect for a Classics geek, and it means to leave a bit of yourself in everything you do. 

It means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention.

And that is going to be my ‘resolution’ for 2017 – not to change or improve or want something better but to consolidate all that I have. 

To enjoy my new job, to pour time and love into my relationship and children, to appreciate what I have, to pour some time/ passion into my little company, to spend more time reading/ writing/ playing and most importantly to relax. 

I can set more goals and resume my eternal restlessness for 2018, this year is for pouring my soul into what I already have ūüėė

Happy start to 2017 all!