Small Seeds #5 – Spend Time Alone

Time for another Small Seeds blog … this one borne out of the delightful way I am spending my Saturday!

For me spending time alone is not a regular affair, as I suspect will be the case with many.

If we are not with others we are texting, tweeting, phoning, emailing ad infinitum. In this pro-social world silence is a rare gift.

We are always going somewhere or doing something but spending some time with yourself can reap enormous benefits.

Being more in tune with yourself and more relaxed can also make the time you spend with others more enjoyable!

I am having a lovely alone Saturday after a hectic Festive season, with only my sofa, a pile of movies, my laptop and a never ending supply of tea.

Everyone has a different idea of a blissful day, What would you enjoy doing on your own?

There is no pressure as to how well you perform

Day to day life is fraught with expectations of how you should look, how you should act, what you should do and how you should perform.

Everyone needs a break from expectation at some point!


Your unique brand of creativity flourishes

The brain needs peace and space to wander and roam, creativity is hard in an open plan office!

I get my best thinking done when taking a break from the world.


Gear down, refresh and get ready to tackle the world

We live in a very hectic and noisy world and it’s been a long day, week, month & year.

Everyone needs time to take a breath.


Quiet time can help you sort through problems

To make headway with prickly problems I’ve always found it is important to get some space from them.

To take a step away and find some perspective.


Become more relaxed and tolerant

Generally, when people and events increasingly appear annoying to you, the more you could benefit from some time on your own!

You have a limited ability to change the world  and people around you.

But you can change your perspective.

I’ve always found that taking time out is essential for balance and calm.


Explore the possibilities for your life

What would you REALLY like to do or achieve?

How can you go about it? What do you need to do to be able to start?

Think things through.

Allow your mind to wander.

Never relegate ANYTHING as impossible.



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