Time For Some Rose Tinted Biz Inspiration

It’s Sunday and as well as having submitted my Tax Return (Phew, frog successfully eaten!) I have had quite a fab weekend fairly major spring cleaning – I am feeling thoroughly pleased with myself. The 9 year olds room took, quite literally, HOURS 😉

Anyway, now for a little bit of writing but I am not feeling too serious so thought I would enjoy myself with a slightly irreverent look at some Entrepreneurial inspiration.

Well, we all need a little bit of a pick me up every now and then! 

And, what better way to bounce into a new week?

It’s My Life

One that I think every small business person will appreciate. Because everyone always has an opinion, a way they could do it ‘better’ than you. But that’s not your path, your business, your way. Only a fool dismisses genuine advice without due consideration but if you have made a decision have the courage of your convictions.


Marketing is really just flirting

A lot of people seem to get quite worried about marketing their business but the principles are quite simple … you are just telling people about your business, your passion. Remember those dating days? Get up, dress up, put your best foot forward and flirt! And make sure you enjoy it, it is meant to be fun!


I Need To Be Successful Because …

Think about your motivation and use it to drive you. Perhaps it is the freedom from 9-5pm, from the tyranny of wearing ties/ heels, from being made to feel like a square peg in a round hole. Perhaps it is the money, there is no shame in saying so! The reason is immaterial really as it varies for absolutely everyone … just hold onto it and remember your ‘why’ in the inevitable low moments.


You Don’t Have To Explain

One of the things I love about Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are that they are all different. Everyone has their own take of how to fix the problem in the world that they have chosen to tackle, you don’t need to explain you just need to really understand it yourself.


Strive For Progress

Perfection is not attainable so stop flogging yourself with it. There is always something that can be improved, tweaked, refined. Strive for progress rather than perfection, a little everyday, and you will get where you want to be.


Be Brave, This Is Your Legacy

People often pour scorn on those that they don’t understand – ignore them. Listen to the voices in your head and act on your dreams, they won’t be realised without your action!


4am Know All My Secrets

If you are anything like me you will know why this one is in here. Don’t listen to anything your brain tells you in the middle of the night, it’s bound to be drivel that will dissipate the minute your sip your first coffee in the morning. Remember in the darkest moments that this too shall pass!


Finally … Enjoy Yourself

It isn’t always easy dancing to the beat of your own drum but it is worth it, persevere and make sure you enjoy the journey.



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