Give a more imaginative reply than ‘I’m busy’

If you were asked how your day has been, there’s a good chance that you’d include the word “busy” somewhere in your answer.

And, just perhaps, rightfully so!

When we’re not working, we’re doing something for the kids, commuting, working, shopping, running errands, cleaning, cooking, making beds, buying new washing machines, booking in root canal, vacuuming,  writing blogs – and the list goes on and ON.

What little downtime we have is packed with distractions.

We’re busier than ever before!

But worse than all of that …

… ‘busy’ has become  some kind of badge of honour.

And NOT a good one.

We feel weirdly good about being busy.

Kory Kogon, author of The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity thinks people have become too proud of being busy.

She challenges us to think about how we continue to glorify being busy and the toll that this takes on our lives. In an interview with Inc., she asks us to disconnect being busy from being productive, as way to shift the dialogue.

Instead of defaulting to “I’m busy” for an easy answer, talk about your recent wins and projects that you’re working on. Everyone’s busy – we’d rather hear about how you’re managing your priorities – not how your priorities are managing you.

So, ultimately I am sorry for having a bit of a rant but I have encountered two terminally and infuriatingly ‘busy’ people today.

One a very close friend who got on my very last nerve today after many months of ducking out of meetings and many emails implying her life is more important than mine.

And one quite stressful colleague who, whilst quite annoying at least once a day, was understandably snappy and short.

Which one is better?

Frankly I could do without either!

And, most importantly, I aspire to be neither!

We’re all busy, we all have too much to do, we are all going grey a little too quickly in a world that refuses to slow down … even just a little bit.

But there is no reason to bore and irritate and tyrannise everyone with it.

And, just in case you are wondering … is the featured pic at for this blog a yawn because we’re all tired with the pace of life or a yawn of complete boredom at people using ‘busy’ as some kind of status symbol to batter the rest of us around the head with on a daily basis?

Frankly I think there is a little of both in there. But the most tedious of the two, the most wearing in my working and personal life … definitely the latter!

If someone asks how you are?

Be positive, be energetic, find something from the sunnier side to say.

Believe me, nobody wants to hear “I’m too busy”!

It will not only be more engaging for them to hear, it will be more positive for you to say.

Rant over 🙂

Thank you for listening! J x

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