The burden of administration only increases in direct correlation to the growth of your business, so actively managing the balance between maintaining and growing your business is a key strategy for ongoing success.

Having experience in the business sector from SME to FTSE100 I understand the need for efficient and cost effective business systems and have the knowledge and experience to help you implement, streamline and/ or maximize what you already have in place.

No job is too big or small and you have the flexibility to use two hours one month and two dozen the next if that is what suits you and your business.


General administration
Are you drowning in a sea of necessary administration that is keeping you from doing the parts of growing your business that you enjoy and have a flair for? How much benefit would it be to have professional help on call at those times when you need help the most? As well as the following areas of specialism I am an accomplished and experienced Executive Assistant with all of the administrative/ organisational/ financial and interpersonal skills that that suggests. My LinkedIn professional profile will give you a fuller idea of my career and skillset.

Blogging/ Social Media
Social Media and Blogging platforms are becoming increasingly essential for small business and their SEO and most are free to use … well sort of! Time is money, and if your time is stretched have you considered looking for assistance? Having someone who is familiar with your business, market and vision to research/ write/ post regular high quality content across a range of channels can do wonders for the promotion of your company.

Business Copy
This is an area where quantity definitely does not win the contest against quality, especially for businesses. Small business owners can be prone to focus hard on getting the product mix, client acquisition and aftercare perfect but what about the upkeep of a fresh and professional brand? Whether it is copy for your website, newsletter, blog, social media or professional LinkedIn profile the words you use to portray your message effectively are important too.

eBook Design
Having a passion for both writing great copy and creating engaging presentations it seems natural that writing eBooks would be one of my all time favourite jobs for my clients. All that is needed are a sound understanding of your business and what your clients want. An eBook can be an impactful and cost effective method of content marketing your small business. Tell clients what you can do for them in such a way that they won’t just move on to the next website. Here is mine, well the first one at least!

Newsletters and Email Campaigns
Have you considered the benefits of ongoing newsletter engagement with your clients to ensure you stay in their consciousness? Or, email campaigns to your target market to increase your reach? With the likes of Mail Chimp both are affordable and effective marketing solutions for your company, and with a little creative flair and imagination can be both professional and engaging for existing and potential clients alike.

Presentation Design
Have you ever sat through a really dull and sloppy presentation? One of the most overlooked areas of conducting effective presentations is the actual slides that you are seeking to engage your audience with. With a little creative flair your presentations can stand out as professional, interesting and memorable ambassadors of your brand.

Project Management
Could you use the skills of a qualified Prince2 Project Manager without it costing the earth? No project is too big or small to apply the tailorable Prince2 theories − a systematic approach to managing your project can make all the difference to staying within time, cost and scope.

Do you find that once you have spent the time writing a document or a blog you lose the ability to see any errors. Fresh eyes and an impeccable grasp of spelling and grammar are the key and don’t have to cost the earth. How do you feel when you see a typo on a menu, on a website or in something else that you are reading?

Sales and Marketing Collateral
Would you like to produce professional documents without the high costs of using a design agency? EBooks, client letters, mailshots and artwork for your website/ social media/ blog … the list goes on. With an understanding of your brand image, above average skills with PowerPoint/ Publisher/ Word/ Excel (to name just a few), a talent for great business copy and a real eye for detail, great quality sales collateral really is affordable.

Do you have a website? Do you feel that it is really working for you and your business? It is never a bad idea to have someone look over your site and see where you could improve. With a good deal of experience with a varied range of small businesses as well a building, updating and optimising the content of websites, this is an area where you should definitly look to keep current and fresh.