Word of the Week – Hustle

So, I had a minor moment of panic last night – the realisation that the end of my current contract is not too far away.

Arggh! Probably in no small part due to the horrible last few days of campaigning and DISASTROUS result of Brexit 😦


Fortunately life has thrown me many opportunities to develop my skills here – I am not one to panic for any longer than it takes me to think through the following sequence of questions:

‘Am I great at what I do?’

‘What happens when a window closes?’

‘Do things always work out?’

‘How much do I love to HUSTLE?’

Double whammy – thirty second panic worked through and a word of the week to boot 🙂

The Hustle Daily

I’m not at all sure that ‘In the newspaper business, journalists put in time and effort to create meaningful content to keep the public informed’ is how I would sum up situation of late – ‘Otherwise, all we’ll end up with are inflammatory headlines and ignorant opinions.’ rather seems like the situation we are in now 🙂 Interesting read though and definitely a web find for the Favs!

Yesterday, the Pew Research Centre released their annual “State of the News Media” report. You can probably guess the major trends– newspapers are dying, millennials read stuff on their phones, and well-established companies are trying to stay hip by, you know, coming out with chatbots and changing their name to “tronc”.

Ford’s 2016 Mustang GT ‘Hustle’ is irresistible

So I am sat here with my husband and son watching ‘Transformers Age of Extinction’ and this came up on my search … apparently I am a horrible luddite for thinking BumbleBee might be a Mustang! Not usually a fan of muscle cars bit I think I will make an exception for this one. Very Cool!


‘Hustle’ Mortgage Fraud Case Falls Into Crevice of the Law

For the average person it is difficult to see how you could FAIL to find fraud in practices that led to so much pain for so many, and so very rarely the right ones! To learn from mistakes they first have to be admitted, and this really doesn’t give much faith that there is a reason to change anything.

When the story of the lack of prosecutions from the financial crisis is finally written, the most important issue will be how difficult it turned out to be to prove fraud. The courts have held the government to a high standard, refusing to uphold cases in which the conduct came close to the line but never quite crossed over into a violation.

Murray’s Hustle

Last week Djokovic, this week MURRAY 🙂 What a shot. It gives a girl hope for Wimbledon – not long now!


Movie Night Anyone?

I know it annoys many people but I find Climate Change deniers hilarious, I just find it so difficult to understand the way a brain has to function to completely ignore significant and irrefutable FACTS to come to its own contrary, false and barely sane conclusions.

Climate change is the new evolution and holocaust denial, and certainly speaks more to the mind of the ‘believer’ than it does to the theory they are trying to tear down. And, if you see that Sarah Palin or Donald Trump are supporting something, well …. !

There are many contradictions in life – just because your faith/ biases tell you that you would like something not to be true, doesn’t make it so people 😉

On Monday night I took in a new film called Climate Hustle. The title is meant to reflect its central premise: climate change is a scientific con. But I soon realized that it was also a decent synonym for the film’s Gish Gallop style. Climate hustle (n): a fast-paced, uninterrupted delivery of superficial and false claims about climate science.

Britains 20 most desirable places to live

“Young professionals tend to have a professional or university qualification, are in well paid jobs and enjoy an urban lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of living in the city centre.

This list was destined to make me mad before the cursor ever got anywhere near the link … it isn’t a list of the most desirable places in the UK to live, it is a list of the most EXPENSIVE places to live.

Reading? Really? Many people don’t believe it but there is life outside of London and the M4 corridor. And Clifton? I grew up in Clifton, if I went a week without seeing a flasher pop out from some leafy beauty spot on my daily walk to school I counted myself as fortunate.


You will hear a lot of people lamenting the fact that they feel stuck in neutral! Many have great aspirations, but that’s all they have. Aspirations. Many don’t have any results to show for all their ambitious goals in life. Some are on year seven of a four-year degree, and others are stuck in a job that’s going nowhere.

Maybe you know someone like this. Hell, maybe you feel like this.

Unfulfilled goals, of course, can lead to frustration, depression and a general dampening of your spirit, which only makes it harder to get unstuck.

I’ve been there, it’s rubbish but it doesn’t have to define your story … it wasn’t where this word of the week was meant to lead but I am just off to write a blog on getting out of a rut!




Word of the Week – Wherewithal

I realised I have so busy with the other blogs I have rather neglected my ‘Word of the Week’, so I thought I would go with a really good one this week to make up for it!

The OED definition is ‘The money or other means needed for a particular purpose’. I am less interested in the money part – it seems that for many this is a resource becoming ever less important, with the ‘other means’ being the real road to where you want to be and the makings of the great stories that inspire others.

It seems like a particularly apt word for someone interested in small business productivity and motivation – it seems to so nicely embody so much of the spirit and passion.

So here is where this particularly lovely sounding word led me on my internet wander this evening …

You Say You Want a Revolution

If you want to look for wherewithal anywhere at the moment you don’t have to look any further than the underdog in the US Presidential election race.

Bernie has captured the hearts and minds of people in numbers that were never expected. Rather like Jeremy Corbyn here, perhaps it is time for those with a more traditional stronghold on political power to stop mocking and start trying to understand why the words and persona’s of these two men have such appeal to so many!

There is indeed a strategic path to the kind of win that animates millions of progressives, a win not just to preserve the gains they have made for equal rights and justice, but real change for economic equality and opportunity, for the climate, for the positive role of government, for unions. That’s what a political revolution would yield.


In music and in life, Gord Downie has The Wherewithal

I have to admit to having never heard of Gord, but I am glad I have now. And a great tune too!

“The Wherewithal” is a song by The Tragically Hip. My personal connection to it is the Gord Downie lyric, “I always loved that guy and he’s not on TV anymore. To get out before, he had the wherewithal.”

It was always a self-styled anthem of mine. I adopted those words, and invented a streak of defiance. A puny hope that I’d somehow never be slave to the trappings of my profession. Never “Cornered” by anyone.

The Delivery Man Always Rings Twice, If You’re Lucky

It seems to be quite rare lately to be able to read a newspaper without being depressed by a seemingly never ending stream of violence, hate speak and lies shouted from the offices of those we should be able to trust the most … this article however was a pleasure to read, there should definitely be more of the lighthearted!

But real shopping has one enormous advantage. It is temporary respite from a brand-new nightmare that, if it were a reality show, would be called “Home Delivery Hell”.Either you are waiting for the precision timing favoured by some couriers (“your item will be with you between 11.12 and 11.16”) or cut loose by the laissez faire attitude of others (“Tuesday”).

Modern Art Ludite? Perhaps!

I am sure she is absolutely brilliant but £1,400? Here is some more of her work though just in case you absolutely love it 😉


Wherewithal Press, inc

Now here is an interesting find, for book lovers and any aspiring writers! The blog page has got some interesting looking reads on …. definitely one for the favourites bar.

Wherewithal Press, Inc. is a developmental editing shop and communications firm based in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Founded by writer and editor Megan Hustad in 2005, we help individuals and organizations present themselves more memorably, precisely, and productively.

Perhaps they will think about my book when it is a bit further along, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Manhattan 🙂 Something to aim for and dream about at the very least!

The rules of tennis simply do not apply

Ahhhh, now here is an article to warm the cockles of any fellow tennis loving Djokovic fans. As a Brit I do of course support our own Andy, but my heart lies with Novac 😉

Djokovic is already one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, and he is bang in the middle of his prime, with no rivals and the wherewithal to complete one of the most difficult feats in tennis with ease


Score Assured

There is something so very, very wrong about this! So many reasons we should all be a lot more careful about what we do online.

You might wonder if Score Assured feels slightly tawdry delving into your personals. Might it not feel like being a burglar going through someone’s underwear drawer? Might it also be against Facebook’s terms of service?

It takes a village to make me look dope

And one should always end on a positive note – this could be a giggle!

Mocking the moronic mores of bratty boy bands is shooting fish in a barrel. The Lonely Island has the wherewithal to bring other means of destruction into the mix.


Word of the Week – CommonSense

No need for the dictionary this week. This is a word that has featured repeatedly in my week for one reason and another – I thought it might throw up some interesting results on my weekly internet wander.

How to Develop Common Sense

Before we visit some lack of common sense I thought I would start on positive note, how to learn about and develop your own abilities.

Everyone has lapses in common sense. The more we’re trained to think one way (by our workplace, family, culture, etc.), the greater the chance that sometimes we allow sloppy or auto-pilot thinking to take the place of common sense. Common sense isn’t a one-stop-destination; it’s a way of thinking that needs constant nourishing and application.

 Common Sense Day

Did you know they have a ‘Common Sense Day’ in America – 4th November. Perhaps we could use one here too 🙂

If you want to know a little more about some of the history behind this, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense on Radio 4 is definitely worth a visit.

Common Sense Morality

Who would you trust more, someone whose moral principles are absolute, black and white, or someone who carefully considers the rights and wrongs of specific situations before leaping to judgment?

I spent a lot of time considering this article, and have to admit to being slightly troubled! I suppose in essence I have a problem with anyone saying that massive and universally applied generalisations are better than an intellectual application of our brain power to individual situations. How can anyone believe that the inevitable sacrifices of the first are preferable to the ‘dangerous’ implications of the second. Generalisations such as the laws of the land are obviously necessary, but when the exceptions that prove the rule arise we must apply individual consideration.

As someone who has (quite proudly TBH) been called a ‘Lefty Intellectual Guardianista’ in the past I have yet to find any argument, intellectual or otherwise, that comes close to persuading me that considering all of the options and angles to a situation before reaching a considered decision is in anyway a bad thing. If only there were more of it I say, and bahhhhh humbug to the following …

It can only work if we refuse to make ad hoc exceptions, no matter how intellectually justified they appear to be.

COMMON SENSE is a new project that supports the implementation of European Union marine policies

Marine ecosystems are integral to key environmental functions which support life on Earth, including climate regulation, prevention of erosion, and absorption of carbon dioxide. However, many marine environments, including some of those in EU marine territories, face increasing challenges.

I happily admit to having a slight bias here – I’m married to a renewables guru and I work for a company led and almost completely staffed by climate change warriors. As a parent I firmly believe in humanity taking it’s responsibility towards the planet (and it’s other inhabitants) much more seriously for the sake of the future of our children.

We should all be supporting  fight to protect our planet and combat climate change, especially  in the UK where we have a government who seem intent on leaving it to the rest of the world and damaging our country, our SMALL island, with Nuclear and Fracking.

For anyone who feels the same way this is a great website.


One Genius’ Lonely Crusade To Teach A Computer Common Sense

One for all the geeks and nerds out there. And as the devoted mother of a Physics degree studying/ Dr Who loving/ Star Trek obsessed/ bow tie wearing fully fledged geek that is absolutely not said in any kind of derogatory way 🙂 The passion and determination of someone with a vision!

The experience taught him a lesson: If computers were to reach true artificial intelligence—tackling big problems entirely on their own—they needed more than just raw speed. They needed something beyond brute force. They needed a common sense of their own. So he decided to build it.



You know what I REALLY like about this? It applies to blind people, deaf people, uneducated people, disabled people, displaced people, refugee people, institutionalised people … if only the world was more like that vision of ‘No-Limits’ fairness eh

“The real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight. The real problem is the misunderstanding and lack of information which exist. If a blind person has proper training and opportunity, blindness is only a physical nuisance”

And now for the Anti Common Sense

There are no words …

“The government’s decision to ban councils and other public bodies from disinvesting from trade or investments they regard as unethical is an attack on local democracy.”

How much common sense do you really have?

Common sense really involves taking the information you have and turning it into more information. Making logical assumptions and decisions based on the knowledge to hand.

Not rocket science is it … well have a go at this quiz and see how you do 🙂


And following a mention of Thomas Paine earlier





Word of the Week – Fiddle-Faddle

It is time for my word of the week internet wander again.

My 8 year old daughter was tasked with finding the word today using the well loved OED I was given on my first day of secondary school … she found me a really GREAT word!

Leroy Anderson – Fiddle Faddle

Let’s start this week off with a rather fabulous piece of music, I wasn’t expecting that!

I have long had a fascination with watching conductors (and a wee bit of a crush on the brilliant John Wilson) and this chap, Alim Shakh, is wonderful to watch

Hate tax havens? Try imagining a world without them

Tax evasion is actually for the ‘greater good’ because it keeps the costs of taxes down? Seems like a fairly self serving argument tailored for those rich enough to participate doesn’t it?

“However wicked tax evasion is and however distasteful some tax avoidance may be, people should imagine a world without tax havens and see if they really want it.”

I’m really not sure I agree with a single thing in this article, but part of this whole exercise is about expansion beyond usual boundaries and bias. The proper consideration of an argument should never be dependant upon you agreeing with it.

Never mind the Trollope, Doctor Thorne gets the Fellowes treatment

This is a world of politesse, “fiddle faddle”, “tomfoolery” and “taking amiss”, where passionate intent must be read into phrases as innocuous as “Good day to you, Madam!” and “Come this minute and make up a hand of whist!” Leanly plotted and crowd-pleasing, it ticks all the Sunday night boxes.

Sounds like just my cup of tea, even without marvellous Maggie!

Melt In Your Mouth Goodness

Popcorn and peanuts is not a combo I have ever tried, sounds delicious. Canada might be a tad too far to go so I might try this recipe for the family movie night tonight.

He did not dilly-dally or fiddle-faddle, or rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic

Cricket – just the word immediately brings back childhood memories of whites, grass stains,  bored Sunday afternoons spent with my parents colleagues and buffets overloaded with chicken drumsticks.

Interested in good governance? You can find insights in such a variety of places.

The solution is simple, wonderfully simple. Whether it is achieved is another matter, and probably boils down to whether England’s supporters care enough to make it happen.

Fiddle-Faddle’s Sentimental Tour

Free book anyone? In search of the amusing, picturesque, and agreeable certainly seems like a pleasant way to pass the time.

And just because, even 20 years beyond graduation, there is not much that I like more than a little bit of profundity in the original Latin.

Seria cum possim, quod delectantia malim Scribere, tu causa es lector.


So many good words here 🙂

It is all fiddle-faddle. Rubbishy nonsense; talk not worth attention. A ricochet word, of which we have a vast number, as “flim-flam,” “helter-skelter,” “wishy-washy,” etc. To fiddle is to waste time in playing on the fiddle, and hence fiddle means a trifle, and fiddle-faddle is silly trifle or silly nonsense.

Word of the Week – Pugnacious

I love the internet, such an amazing tool that we all take for granted! I like to be well informed and find it invaluable for my job – so this week my word is ‘Pugnacious’ and this is where google took me with it ….

How much has Sir Philip Green made from BHS?

Topical in the UK right now, your level of care is probably related to which side of centre your politics fall but with 11,000 people on the verge of being unemployed it is worth knowing more about.

“When Sir Philip Green snapped up BHS for £200m in 2000, the pugnacious businessman was seizing his chance to transform himself from an upstart tycoon into a giant of British retailing”

Tate – William Hogarth, The Painter and his Pug

I love the Tate, not so much with this particular picture. Is that really a Pug, and one called  Trump? There is no escape!

Pugnacious Pochettino Shows Who Is Boss At Spurs

Not a football fan? Me either! But no reading is a waste of time, lots about courageous leadership in this particular article!

“… sent a clear message to the players that no pecking order exists at the club that has anything to do with profile, pay or seniority. If your contribution falls short, you will be dropped, whoever you think you are.”

Bawling bishops, pugnacious prelates and crying crusaders

This kind of shows why I love randomly following where the internet leads at times, whilst interesting there is nothing particularly memorable about what is primarily a history scholars blog. However in reading this I was pointed in the direction of a very interesting blog I never would have happened upon otherwise.

“I’d also recommend the History of Emotions blog.”

Sadiq Khan: I will defeat Zac. The only question is how I do it

This fight is well underway and has already turned very, very negative – good to read an article that was published before the smearing started in earnest.

“Sadiq Khan has long been known as one of Labour’s most pugnacious politicians: someone who likes to fight, and likes to win”

Pugnacious Parasites and the Provocation

Whoa … get ready for some politics! A bit of a rant but a worthwhile read for the benefit of seeing another person’s world view expressed with passion and conviction whether you agree or not.

“Everyone knows the unscrupulously manipulative always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. It’s an age old trick to obfuscate the obvious and buy time to accomplish their purposes. Lying is their pathological language.

Such behavior, especially in high profile public figures, is unthinkable, yet for some inexplicable reason it is not just tolerated, but ironically readily expected.”

Why the pugnacious A-10 is flying maritime patrols over the South China Sea

Are you aware of the dangerous rising tensions over the South China Sea? An interesting article if not, and some cool information on a plane that has been in use since the 70’s!

“That is extremely important, international economics depends on it – free trade depends on our ability to move goods. There’s no nation right now whose economy does not depend on the well-being of the economy of other nations.”

As Donald Trump speaks, Some Voters Hear Echoes of Ed Koch

‘Refreshingly uninhibited’ is not really a phrase that I would use, but it is no surprise Trump comes up in a search of the word pugnacious. This is one of the important things going on in the world and we should all know more about it.

“But to New Yorkers old enough to remember, Mr. Trump is not merely familiar: He is a throwback to the era that delivered Mr. Koch, who led the crime-ravaged, financially beleaguered city through 12 turbulent years in the 1970s and ‘80s”

And, Finally …

Tiny dog goes after dolphin five times his size

Little wiener dogs often have big, bad attitudes. An irrational role model, for us all.