A Virtual Assistant is an independent business professional who understands the practicalities and intricacies of running their own business and applies that knowledge and experience to support you and your business seamlessly.

I am an experienced PA/Office Manager/Private Secretary with wide ranging business qualifications and experience from SME, Parliamentary and FTSE100 specializing in the areas where I excel.  


To list just a few of the many advantages….

  • MINIMISE the burden of tasks that keep you from focusing on the consistent wellbeing and growth of your business and life.
  • FREEING you to do what you excel at/ enjoy, in the knowledge that the day to day administration is being dealt with professionally.
  • CHOOSE the level of support that you need and want, when you need and want it.
  • FLEXIBILITY to scale up and down as you need with no contracted restrictions or minimums.
  • BUILD a long term relationship with someone who knows you and your business.
  • A RESOURCE that is invaluable and cost efficient during unusually busy periods, holiday seasons, recruitment or demanding new projects.
  • NO temp agencies, giving you flexible cover for staff absences without the cost and hassle of using an agency and temps who don’t know your business.
  • NO office overheads associated with employees such as a desk, computer, printer, phone and technical support.
  • NO employee overheads such as benefits, pension provision, paid sick days, NIC’s.
  • NO VAT.

And last, but by no means least

  • The reassurance of working with someone whose incentives for consistent excellence include the professional growth and reputation of her own business.

Delegating your administration to a skilled, speedy and detail focused professional and concentrating on what you do best will help you:

Concentrate on the tasks you enjoy
Get organised & shorten your to do list
Do less tedious paperwork
Maintain a healthy work/ life balance
Reduce your Stress
Earn more money

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